Welcome to YouthCHAT

How we feel and the way we live our lives is integral to our health. It is part of the role of our clinicians to ask about risky lifestyle behaviours and pick up mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, and then offer ways to address these if help is wanted.

eCHAT is the electronic form of the NZ-developed Case-finding and Help Assessment Tool (CHAT).YouthCHAT is an adapted version developed for use with youth. This helps identify patients with lifestyle issues (such as problematic smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, gambling, exposure to abuse, physical inactivity), mental health issues (depression, anxiety, difficulty with anger control), and other issues facing youth (such as behaviour/conduct; sexual identity and sexual health; body image; and life stressors). Youth are also given an opportunity, for positive responses, to indicate whether they want help with the issue or not.

The eCHAT portfolio has been developed by a team at the School of Population Health, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, University of Auckland led by Professor Felicity Goodyear-Smith from the Department of General Practice & Primary Health Care. For information on its evaluation, validation and other research using eCHAT please contact her: Tel +64 (0)9 923 2357 or f.goodyear-smith@auckland.ac.nz

For any access issues, please email echathelp@auckland.ac.nz

Current Version

YouthCHAT v1.0.3